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Sugarcube:~ Hand configured hosting; For when it matters_

We hand configure everything

Server set-up,
DNS changes,
site testing,
just ask
and its done!

SFTP access,
email accounts,
all done for you.

We monitor and
maintain your site

Site optimisation,
speed &
load testing

testing &

24 hour
back-up and

Continuous 24 Hour Telephone Support

Always here,
you need us.

Advice on
cookies -

DNS records,
email migration.
Just ask and
its done.

support from real engineers.

Our hosting is personalised and designed for you from the ground up

The Service

We'll never ask you to
"raise a ticket", You'll never have go answer-mining in a control panel.

You'll never get an automated reply and we'll never pass the buck.

The Relationship

At Sugarcube we pride ourselves on a can-do attitude. We know how frustrating it can be to have technology get in the way.

With Sugarcube, you've got a real technical partner.

The Technology

Top of the line servers, no overcrowding, state of the art monitoring and security, backups of backups of backups.

Everything we run for you is hand configured.


Our service starts at just £500/year that's just under


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We use a carefully balanced mixture of dedicated and cloud based servers.
We monitor capacity very carefully to ensure nobody is ever left without the ooomph they need to make their sites fast and responsive for their customers.

There is no overcrowding.

The network is backed up by two diverse power feeds from the national grid and enough offline generator capacity for a full seven days without power.

Our primary servers are based at the excellent Melbourne Hosting facilities in Manchester with secondary facilities at Rackspace in London and additional facilities in Chicago, New York and Amsterdam.


Our servers run a mixture of Debian Linux and BSD unix, each tailored to the needs of the service it supports.

We keep our our infrastructure up to date, deploy security patches as they are released and undertake continuous and well tested service improvements.

Of course we also monitor the whole network 24*7*365.

We stay up at night so you don't have to ;)

Our bare metal restore backup systems ensure that even in the event of a complete and permanent destruction of our current infrastructure, we can bring it all back online right where it left off.

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